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Emergency VPN program

In extreme cases of censorship or online privacy violations, request free NordVPN access.

Internet without borders

Everyone should be able to access the internet in private, without the fear of being watched or controlled. And yet, too many people around the world live under heavy censorship and surveillance or are silenced for expressing their opinions.

NordVPN stands for digital freedom and helps people by securing their private data and providing open access to the internet.

NordVPN supports activists fighting against surveillance and censorship
NordVPN provides digital security for journalists in restrictive regimes

Encryption assistance to those in need

If you are facing extensive online censorship, targeted surveillance, or the threat of violence, contact NordVPN and request a free emergency VPN service immediately to protect your privacy. With NordVPN, you can securely bypass online restrictions and keep your communications away from prying eyes.


NordVPN supports emergency digital security projects

We stand by organizations that fight cybercrime by providing assistance to victims of cyber attacks and helping internet users stay safe online.

The Digital Security Helpline is a free of charge resource for civil society around the world. It is real-time, direct technical assistance and advice to activists, independent media, and civil society organizations.

To help guide and support cybercrime victims through the reporting and recovering efforts, and then to provide information and resources on how to protect against future incidents.

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Are you facing severe threats online?

Talk to us and get up to 6 months of free NordVPN service to combat your particular circumstances.

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