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eBook: Cybersecurity A-Z

20 cybersecurity terms you need to know

It's a glossary that covers some of the most popular online security topics. A short and fun read, the eBook provides down-to-earth comparisons and avoids technical explanations.

Video resources

Complex topics explained briefly.

How to avoid travel scams

Scammers are working hard to ruin your vacation before it has even started.

Online security while traveling

Get ready for your upcoming trip security-wise.

Tips for cyber-smart traveling

Tips which help stay safe during your travels.

Digital footprint explained

Why you should care about your digital footprint.

How to stay safe online

Top 7 online threats and how to deal with them.

Incognito mode explained

What is incognito mode and is it private enough?

How to choose a secure search engine

Your searches can reveal a lot of sensitive data.

How to choose a VPN

6 things to consider when choosing a VPN.

How to protect your password

Sensitive data gets stolen when passwords are compromised.

Cookies explained

Invasion of your privacy may start with a cookie.

Hacking attacks explained

How hackers look for weaknesses to access your data.

5 most dangerous holiday activities

They are not what you might be thinking.

What’s your online privacy score?

Find out how you rank among the respondents from your country.