Secure internet access for nonprofits

The NordVPN Nonprofits program offers eligible organizations a discount on a VPN subscription.

Donations in 2021


NordVPN licenses were contributed to various NGOs

Product donation and discounts are some of NordVPN’s key mechanisms for supporting the nonprofit community. Since the launch of the Nonprofits program in May 2018, NordVPN has donated more than 4,000 VPN licenses with a retail value of over $280,000.

Who qualifies

We welcome applications from nonprofit organizations, journalists, human rights advocates, and educational institutions that need to access information securely, communicate with their sources, and report news without the fear of being watched. NordVPN is happy to help nonprofits fulfill their mission by providing safe and private access to the internet.

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Open Rights Group is grateful to NordVPN for their support, which boosts our campaigns for privacy and free speech online. It is incredibly important that companies like NordVPN express their values through giving this support.

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