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The NordVPN Nonprofits program offers eligible organizations a discount on a VPN subscription.

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We welcome applications from journalists, human rights advocates, educational institutions, and other nonprofit organizations that need to access information securely, communicate with their sources, and report the news without the fear of being watched. NordVPN is happy to help nonprofits fulfill their mission by providing safe and private access to the internet.

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NordVPN is essential to Amnesty to ensure that employees are kept safe by offering a stable and high-grade VPN service that has global coverage. Complementing apps for secure communication, NordVPN allows Amnesty staff to do their work in a digitally secure environment that shield them from outside influences. Just as important as the safety of our human rights workers is the safety of our local partners and human rights defenders. The use of NordVPN prevents placing victims of human rights abuses at grave risk by shielding internet communications with them in parts of the world where digital infrastructure is often under surveillance.

Access to information is crucial for journalists to fulfill their roles in society. We commend NordVPN for providing a reliable, efficient, and safe tool that allows our journalists to be protected, innovative, and to keep serving our audiences globally.

I was active on Twitter and other social media to oppose our totalitarian government. Back then, I never felt safe when I was online, but I had to do what I had to do <...> I trusted your service in hiding my footprint and not letting anyone find out my true identity. You gave me more courage to express my voice freely. I wanted you to know that what I did might have been a small step towards freedom, but you helped me and what you did matter.Muhammad, a political activist in Iran

Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is grateful for NordVPN’s support of our mission to help consumers and SMBs affected by cybercrime. Their commitment to causes like ours is a true testament to their values on making the internet free from crime.

I am a young person living in Iran. I have a college education, and I try to improve my quality of life like everyone else. Naturally, one of the things is to keep up with world news or access to online opportunities for my job-related education. But the Iran government seems to be doing its best to cut ties with the outside world and impose its views on us, Iranian people, so that we only hear our media narratives from the events. For example, you must have heard that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and etc are filtered.

On the other hand, many sites prevent me from accessing many of their features when they realize that my IP address is from Iran. For example, Google PlayStore does not allow many of its applications to connect to Iran's IP.

NordVPN for Android and Windows helps me a lot to overcome these problems, that is, both to get the right news and information without distortions and to access the features mentioned on the internet. Thank you, NordVPN team.

Hamed from Iran

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